The FLOWless LED strip for car trunks

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The FLOWless is our flagship product, with 72 high quality LEDs (LED 5050) it gives your car a flawless flow of colors, whether you are a colourful person or more of a simplistic character, there's a treat for every soul with a choice of either rainbow or Ice blue colors on driving mode.

The lights flow from left to right when turning right, and form right to left when turning left. When the hazards are on, the LEDs flow from the center to each way.

Product Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Integrated LED strip with 5 modes
  • Running mode (choice of Rainbow or Ice blue)

          --- Brake mode (high beam red)

          --- Turn signal mode (amber flow left and right)

          --- Hazards (amber flows from center to both extremities)

          --- Back up (White) 

  • Waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant
  • Low energy consumption, long lifespan
  • Universal (fits all cars*)


Fits all Cars*, SUVs* with DC 12V.

Can be used on the trunk.

* not recommended for certain Ford models and cars that use a single light source for both turn signal and brake.

Product specifications:

  • 72 LEDs
  • LED chip: 5050
  • Length: 47.6 inch / 120 cm
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Connection: 8 wires 
         - Black wire connects to ACC negative (-)
         - Red wire connects to ACC positive (+)
         - Yellow (2pcs)
               * The long one connects to the right turn signal wire
               * The short one connects to the left turn signal wire
        - White connects to brake light wire
        - Blue connects to reverse light wire
        - Pink wire (only connect this one if you choose Ice blue mode while driving) connects to running light wire
        - Green wire (only connect it if you choose rainbow flow mode while driving) connects to running light wire

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